At The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School, we want your child’s time here with us to be happy and full of fun. The nursery is open 51 weeks of the year. We take children aged from four months to the term before they turn five years old. The nursery is registered for 134 children, which include a breakfast club, afterschool club and holiday club.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression so at The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School we have an open door policy where all visitors are welcome at any time of the day without arranging an appointment first. Managers are happy to arrange an appointment if you prefer and this can be arranged over the telephone

Initial Visit

The nursery manager or a senior member of staff will show parent/carers around the nursery, explaining day to day routines, ratio’s, our keycarer system, food menu’s and answer any questions which may arise. We try to give visitors as much information as possible in their initial visit and give copies of the nurseries Philosophy document, fees, terms and conditions, and policies and procedures. These may answer any further questions not asked at the time of the first visit. Parents/carers are also told that they may visit and/or phone should they need anything clarifying further.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your child’s place, (one week applicable fee) before the Gradual Admission process can commence. Once the deposit has been received we will arrange your child’s start date, gradual admission and give you all necessary documentation to be completed.

Gradual Admission

All children take time to settle into a new environment with new people. As much as children want to play with toys and other children, it is natural that they will be anxious about new surroundings.

We ask parents/carer’s to bring their child/ren to nursery at least two weeks before their start date. We ask parents/carer’s to stay at nursery on their child’s first visit to complete all appropriate registration documents. From this visit we begin the admission process, working together with parents/carers and children at the child’s pace. The Gradual Admission service is offered to you at no extra charge.

We offer our first visit as either a home visit or in the setting working in partnership with parents and carers.

On the first day of your child’s gradual admission you will be introduced to the management team and your child’s keycarer, who will help to settle your child into the nursery. We also ask that you provide a spare change of clothes and nappies (where appropriate).

Each child is unique and for some the gradual admission process will run smoothly, for others it can be a significant change to their routine and staff will work closely with you making it as settling period as possible.