My child has never attended a nursery before can they do more visits if required?

We have a gradual admission process over a two week period which is offered free of charge. During these visit’s your child’s time spent in the nursery will be gradually increased starting from an hour with a parent/carer on the first day, an hour on their own on the second day and then increasing the length of every session so your child is happy to stay and play and you are happy to leave your child in our care.

I have more than one child, is there any family discount available at The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School?  

Yes, if you have siblings at nursery, the eldest sibling will have a 10% reduction in fees.

How do I put my Childs name down to attend The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School?

You can either contact us directly by phone and at this point you can discuss any further queries with the nursery manager who will be more than happy to answer any questions, or you can send your enquiry to our Nursery Administrator at:

Do I pay a deposit to secure my Childs place?  

Yes, one week’s applicable fee is paid to secure your child’s place. This deposit is then deducted from your final payment once the nursery receives your 4 weeks’ notice.

My child has special educational needs can they still attend The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School?  

We are a fully inclusive nursery and will adapt our care to the individual needs of each child who attends, we have qualified staff with Special Educational Needs training who will discuss with you in detail your child’s needs, any concerns you have and best approach to take to ensure your child settles into the nursery.

My child has a set routine how will this fit into nursery life?  

When your child start’s in the nursery we follow their routine to ensure there is a smooth transition from home. We use our daily diaries for the younger children to record their day including information on meals and bathroom so you are aware what your child has done throughout the day ready for their special time with you at home. Staff also communicate verbally with all of their key children parents/carers at the beginning and end of your child’s sessions so all information is shared.

When is The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School closed?  

We are open 51 weeks of the year, closing over the Christmas period. Please check with a member of the management team to confirm specific dates. We also close on all British Bank Holidays.

What should I bring to nursery for my child?  

  • Where needed bottles containing the correct amount of cooled boiled water and the milk powder measured out in a powder dispenser.
  • Parents are required to provide nappies, wipes and nappy creams for children who are not yet toilet trained. The staff in your child’s room will update you when these are running low.
  • A comforter such as a dummy and/or blanket.
  • We ask all parents to bring a change of clothes in for their child should they need to be changed, ensuring that the spare clothes are appropriate for the season. Please ensure that your child’s spare clothing is clearly labelled.
  • During the summer months a sunhat and sun cream will be required. We do have a sun protection policy in place encouraging the children to be aware of what is needed to play safely in the sun.
  • Any long term medication or emergency medications such as Inhaler’s or Epipen’s. We require all parents whose child requires any form of medication to adhere to our medication policy and procedure by completing authorisation to administer medication forms for their child.
  • Parents are required to provide nappies, wipes and nappy cream for those children who are not yet toilet trained. (We do not provide wipes as currently stated.)
  • All the child’s belongings, nappies etc. must be in a bag (not a plastic carrier bag) to be placed on their own peg at the start of their session. This prevents items from being misplaced or mistaken for anyone else’s.
  • Comforters are welcome such as dummies or blankets. Until required they will be stored in the child’s bag on their individual pegs, located outside their room.


What hours does the nursery open?

We open from 7.30am – 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We also offer half day sessions which are 7.30am-12.30pm for a morning session and 1.00pm-6.00pm for an afternoon session.

Can I change my days of attendance?

If you would like to reduce your child’s days of attendance or terminate the contract, we require 4 weeks notice in writing. If you would like to increase your child’s days of attendance we will accommodate this if possible.

How are fees paid?

Fees must be paid in advance by either direct debit, standing order, tax free childcare and childcare vouchers. Please speak to a member of our management team if you require any further information.

Are your team qualified?

All of our team hold a childcare qualification or are working towards a childcare qualification. A large amount of our team hold and are working towards higher qualifications such as foundation degrees in early years. All of our team also hold an up to date certificate in paediatric first aid training.