The Pumpkin Patch Nursery School Poem

When I started in the patch
I was only a Baby Boo
But then I started my learning journey
And this is how I grew

With lots of colours for my eyes
And different materials for my touch
My favourite songs for my ears
Tastes and smells I love so much


My key worker helped me develop
With lots of love and care
I was learning while I was playing
To become a Baby Bear

Making friends with other pumpkins
And together growing strong
Nursery taught us lots of things
Like what is right and wrong

Preparing us for school
And keeping our learning on track
Pens, paper and ABC's
I became a Snack-a-jack

The staff are the soil and water
That help us seedlings grow
Into happy healthy pumpkins
That makes The Pumpkin Patch glow